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Tips for the Solo Introvert Traveler

I love working with my clients! However, you may be surprised to know that I am an introvert. If you are too then check out these tips that I’ve gained from personal and client experience.

Make sure that the destination is right for you.

If your goal is to be in a low-key environment, heading to a bustling area may not be the ideal scenario. While there are chill spots most everywhere, you want to maximize your opportunity to find such places.

Confirm that your home away from home has a quiet option.

Many hotels are designed for guests to socialize with each other through common spaces and activities. However, some resorts do have quiet sections or are quiet overall.

Choose a resort that has activities that encourage interaction.

Now I know that I just acknowledged that some introverts may want to avoid other people. But maybe you do want make new acquaintances or just learn something new. Research hotels to find which ones offer activities that you may find interesting.

Travel during off-peak times of the year.

If you’re traveling during the seasons of Spring Break, Christmas or all Summer long, you’re likely going to see the biggest crowds. Choosing to visit your destination outside of these times will not only give you more breathing room but may also provide you with better values.

Plan your transportation in advance, especially if a visiting foreign country.

If you do not intend to drive yourself around your destination, it can be beneficial to arrange your airport-hotel transfers in advance. This is particularly helpful for North Americans when visiting another country. The potential premium you pay upfront is worth the seamless connection to your hotel. Naturally, if any or all of these efforts seem time-consuming for you then your travel advisor would be happy to assist you in finding the best fit.

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