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Hello I'm Tony Harrell, the owner of Abundant Travel. I was inspired to start my business after hearing the stories of my friends of size who found different aspects of traveling to be challenging and uncomfortable. I successfully completed a Travel and Tourism certificate program at Northern Virginia Community College and established Abundant Travel in 2010.

Over the years I have assisted clients in travel experiences across North America and around the world. I have recently decided to devote my time to specializing in all-inclusive destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. I am always happy to utilize my knowledge and contacts to help clients plan the vacation that they desire.


I have been involved in the size acceptance community since 2000, including the honor of serving with NAAFA on the Board of Directors for several years.

















Tony and Cathy Harrell

The person who inspired me most for what I do is my wife Cathy Harrell. While not a formal business partner, her insight on our journeys together informed me as much as anyone on how to assist travelers of size. Sadly, my dear Cathy passed away in 2018. I continue the mission of Abundant Travel in her honor. 

After living in the Washington, DC and Dallas areas for many years, I have returned to my hometown of Philadelphia. 

I look forward to working with you in satisfying your travel needs. 

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