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A New Look and A New Focus

You’ve no doubt noticed some changes here at Abundant Travel. Now seems like a good time for a reintroduction.

My name is Tony Harrell, Travel Advisor and Owner and Chief Bottle Washer of Abundant Travel since 2010. I have been involved in both the travel industry and size acceptance community since the early 2000s. I was inspired to become a travel advisor by listening to the stories of my friends of size – including one very special person – about the challenges they faced when traveling.Already an alumnus of the University of Delaware – Go Blue Hens! – I also earned a Travel and Tourism certificate at Northern Virginia Community College. I have volunteered in various capacities for the size acceptance organization NAAFA, including serving as a Board Member for several years.

About that one very special person: my wife Cathy Grinels Harrell was as much of an inspiration for Abundant Travel as anyone. She too served with NAAFA and was a recognizable face in Washington DC for her advocacy of size acceptance. I am deeply saddened to say that Cathy passed away in January 2018 from a terminal illness. I continue Abundant Travel in memory of our journey down many roads and through life together.One last note: you may have seen that we have changed our emphasis to focusing on vacation experiences in Mexico and the Caribbean. While we have access to a network of travel professionals who can supplement knowledge, ultimately Abundant Travel is a one-person business. We have chosen to focus on the region that has been most popular with our clients. We are always happy to work with travelers who are looking for size-friendly assistance no matter where in the world you wish to go.

Come join us on our new journey!

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