My Inspiration

There are many people that inspired me to start Abundant Travel in 2010 but none more than the woman who would become my wife. 

Cathy bemoaned the challenges she faces as a traveler of size finding transportation, lodging or even a welcoming destination. What I learned in order to ensure her comfort when traveling together and occasionally on her own contributed greatly to my ability to assist clients.

Perhaps our most memorable vacation was our cross-country trip in July 2009 that we christened the “Summer of Love Tour”. We covered about two dozen states in the space of three weeks with Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Denver and Albuquerque among the many highlights.

Through Cathy, I was also introduced me to size acceptance activism. We both held office at various capacities over the years with NAAFA, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. You may have spotted her in media including the 2000's era Discovery Channel documentary "Big As Life".

Cathy Harrell passed away in January 2018. I carry on in her honor the business of helping people of size make their travel dreams come true. 

Tony Harrell
Travel Advisor & Owner
Abundant Travel

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